The Elroy and Sarah Cass Jennings Family

Sarah Cass Jennings
Sarah Cass Jennings and extended family at home, intersection of Cobble Mountain Road and Route 341, circa 1920 or 1921.

and a Few Cozy Family Pictures…

There is more of a sense of formality with photos of the Jennings family of this era. I’ve no idea whether Sarah was as stern as she looks. Frank Seger, who in every other instance referred to women as “Mrs. So-and-so” referred to Sarah as “Old Lady Jennings.”

The young woman with the bow is also sporting a fur collar. Rather posh.

Elroy and Sarah girl with bow   Dwy/Jennings  unkn own   Dwy/Jennings   Edith Jennings   Edith Jennings and husband Barton Dotson  girl with bow  Jennings   Don Jennings and his mother Sadie Potter Jennings  young man

and later: what happens in small towns…

… first cousins twice removed.

Deke Soule Deke Soule

Double cousins

Children of Jim and Lucy Seger Jennings and the son of Dick and Jnet Seger Jennings. Blood may not be thicker than crankcase oil, but is there a genetic affinity for tractors?

cousins cousins cousins

Cousins, far and wide

A Soule/Seger/Page mashup: Medora Soule Page (8 Jan 1860-27 July 1947), in black blouse, daughter of Edgar Benson Soule and Sarah Wheeler, sister-in-law of Mary (Maude) Seger Page and sister of Lillian Soule Jennings, with family members, which may include her daughter Millie Page Ward (4 Aug 1991-29 Nov 1968) behind her right shoulder and Mary (Maude) Seger Page (daughter of Ira Seger) standing to her right. Behind her left shoulder is her daughter Helen Augusta (12 Apr 1883-Dec 1951), who later married Archibald Wing (1902). This photo was in the possession of Carrie Alice Page Mettey, Maude’s granddaughter (b. 1910).

The six children of Edgar Benson Soule (1828-1897) and Sarah Wheeler (1837-1887) married into the Newton, Chase, Page, Jennings, Richards, and Lineburg families, and further tangled the vast genealogical web of the local families.

cousins cousins
Howard and Flossie Richards Moore

One marriage to an “outsider”: Flossie Richards, daughter of Louisa Soule and John Henry Richards, and a niece of Lillian Soule Jennings, married Howard Moore, originally from North Carolina, a man of Cherokee ancestry. Sadly, Flossie died in 1937, leaving six young children; at the time of her death their eldest child was only 9.

Stan Jennings: The eldest Moore child, Edwin, occasionally visited my Father at the family farm on Jennings road. The younger children were raised primarily by Edwin, a religious man who read the Bible to his siblings. Edwin became a successful contractor and was a significant benefactor of the New Preston Congregational Church.