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Two Family Diaries, 1915

Frank Seger’s Diary
A page of Frank’s diary

These diaries were kept by a father and his eldest daughter in 1915. Their home was a dairy farm in Kent, Connecticut (pop. 2,000), 200 acres of rocky hillside, about 4 miles above the town center on Seger Mountain. Frank’s family had farmed there for generations and Lucy and her husband Clarence (Jim) Jennings eventually bought the farm from her father and continued to farm until Jim’s death in 1945. As the year progressed, Lucy’s diary-keeping dwindled (she and Jim married in November of that year), but Frank kept on through the year.

Unfortunately, he made his entries on the thin paper with a purplish pencil that has bled through in the intervening years, leaving me with something that looks like purple spaghetti to pick through in search of meaning. He recorded the temperature, chores and recreation and the all-important note of who "took the milk down"—down the mountain, that is, the two miles to the railroad, where the train picked up the milk.

Bertha Petith, our family’s genealogist and Keeper of The Stuff, transcribed Lucy’s diary, which gives us the chance to see a day-to-day comparison of their experiences.

Knowing my grandmother and great aunts and uncles in their later years, I had imagined that their early life had been pretty grim: full of hard work, perhaps isolation. They did work hard—the chores were endless, but they managed to fit more living in than many of us today. These diaries opened my eyes to the lively social whirl between the farm families, their propensity for hopping the train to visit or shop, their houseguests, their music, their parties. My grandmother Lucy always loved music, but I never knew she had played the mandolin until I read her diary.

Lucy’s younger sister, Jnet, carefully labeled and preserved many family photos and other documents from the Seger and Jennings families. She married one of Clarence (Jim) Jennings’ brothers, Richard, in 1926, and lived for many years at the Walter Jennings farm on Geer Mountain, a cross-lots walk frequently taken by Lucy and Jim, as she mentions in this diary.

Frank Bloss Seger, son of George and Alzora (Hall) Seger. b. Kent, CT Aug 25, 1866, d. January 3, 1937
Married Mabel Addy Sterry (August 1, 1867–May 14, 1946), daughter of John R. Sterry and Desdemona Root Sterry on March 25, 1891.
Both buried in Good Hill Cemetery, Kent, CT


Frank Seger’s Diary for January, 1915

photograph of Frank Bloss Seger

Friday, January 1, 1915 16 Above. Clear & Cold. Heman went down to Simes & helped him finish cutting ice. I took the milk got lot of things for the party Lewis & Arnold drew out three load of wood. Lura came up with Heman early & about 8 oclock people began to flock in. Had a glourous time every Body was 56 people in all.

Lucy Seger’s Diary for January, 1915

photograph of Lucy Seger

Jan. 1, 1915 16 above (zero) Clear cool. Heman went to help Lyman Darling cut ice. Laura came up with him. Mother and I cooked all day, made two cakes and sandwitchis. Raymond Thompson and brother played. Had sixty-six people here with fiddlers. Heman rec’d many presence. Roy Jenning’s baby arrived, it weighted eight lbs. Papa went up and got Nellie Beadle and the children toward night. Heman had a birthday cake with twenty-one candles on it. It was a dark cake.

Saturday, January 2, 1915 20 Above. Cloudy & snowed in the fore noon. Heman took the milk and Lewis & Roscoe & myself went a rabbiting. Took one up at the School house. The ferret killed one in the hole. Then cleaned out barn Lewis & Arnold took the Load up to Comestocks, Cleaned out milk house.

Jan. 2, 1915—20 aboveIt snowed most all day but stopped toward night and cleared away. I went to bed in the morning before seven o’clock and never got up till quarter of four in the afternoon. Nellie Beadle went home in the morning. Heman took her up after he got home from taking the milk. I got supper and mother layed down and rested.

Sunday, January 3, 1915 14 Above. Clear & cold all day. Done up chores then went a rabbiting. Got 2 lost 3 & went all over God’s Creation. Got cleaned out barn before noon. Took the milk got home eat dinner then Started again. Down to L__ Clint & Clarence was here to dinner Mother took Arnold to train.

Jan. 3, 1915 —14 above Clear and cold. Mother went to church in the morning and I did the work. Papa, boys and Arnold went rabbitting with the ferrit and got two. Clarence came over in the morning and was here to dinner. Uncle Clinton (Seger) was here also to dinner. I went home with Clarence and staid all night. Sarah, Clara, Dora, Clarence and myself went up to East Kent in the evening to C. E. meeting. We went around by Richard’s and took Flossie and Jnet with us. Kent C. E. came up to East Kent and Hue Mosher lead the meeting. Frank Peet brought them up and their was twenty of them. Mother took Arnold down to train. Heman went down to Laura’s in afternoon.

Monday, January 4, 1915 10 Above. Clear & Cool all day. Heman took the milk. I went over in wood Drew out one Load of wood for Edwards then took Orange & Nellie up to school then took Load of munare to Comestocks then sawed some wood for Mrs. Slosson. Put power____ Back in Position.

Jan. 4, 1915—10 above—Clear mild. I came home from Jennings in the morning. Clarence came over to the wire fence with me. Mother and I washed, got them most all dry. Lewis went after the children with the sleigh.

Tuesday, January 5, 1915 7 Above. Clear & Cool in the morning warming up in the middle of day. Heman took milk then went over to Walt Jennings to help Jim skin the old mare then went up to Richards in the Evening after Scalding tub. I took load of wood to Mrs. Slosson brought b 2 Bbls. flour.

Jan. 5, 1915—7 above clear and mild. Mother ironed all forenoon and finished in afternoon. Made pie in afternoon. I did the other work. Clarence came over after Heman to help kill old Maud and skin her. Heman and Lewis went up to Richard’s after scalding tub. Foster broke his leg. They had two doctors came up from New Milford to set it.

Wednesday, January 6, 1915 22 Above. Cloudy & looks like rain. Nobe Richards came down & killed buchered pigs. They weighted 309 or so apiece. Then I mixed up some cement & fixed up the milk house than kept the oil Stove in it lit. Heman took the milk then he & Lewis cut some Stalks. Lewis took 2 Load of munare up to Comestocks [Some of the farm property. Lots were referenced: the Granny Lots, Comestocks, the old Hollan/Howland Place.]

Jan 6, 1915 22 above It rained a little in afternoon and it rained hard in night and took snow all off. Butchered pigs in morning and Noble R(ichards) came down and helped. He was here to dinner. One pig weighted 300, the other 390. I did the house work. Mother made crullers in afternoon. I went after the children down to Kent, drove Charlie. Clarence came over in the evening. I sent 3 sub(scriptions) to the “People’s Home Journal”. I sent and got me a sofa pillow top. Roscoe came up on the express train. Kent school boys came on it. He got up here half past seven. Papa sent an order to Montgomery Ward. We sent for a kitchen cabinet and grociers.

Thursday, January 7, 1915 48 Above. Clear & Nice warm all day. Had ____ of rain last night took Snow & ice all off. damn glad of it. I took the milk. Birt Saws horse was Sick so I helped him dose it. Came back w Stone give some_back salt to put on road so Hem & I went down & Chopped Ice. turned water this after noon.

Jan. 7, 1915 — 48 above. Mild and Clear. The wind blew all day. Papa took the milk and never got home till twelve o’clock. Mother cut up lard and Lewis helped her. I helped a little also. Heman and Lewis cleaned out ice house. I did house work same as ever. H. Erickson stoped here for some feed for his horse. Wants Heman to get him some feed tomorrow. The children walked up from Kent. I have sewed a little this afternoon.

Friday, January 8, 1915 24 Above. Clear & fair cooler at night. Heman took the milk. I took Load of wood to Edwards. Boys got load of hay from the Barn then took Load munare up to Comestock. Boys cut some Stalks I sold C Kirk half Cord wood. Settled up with Dwight Johnson & ect.

Jan 8, 1915—25 above. Mild and clear. I did housework same as usual. Heman took the milk. I sewed in the afternoon. Heman went down to meet Laura at the train and I rode down to church with him. The church had their annual meeting and voted to hold their other meetings in Dec. There was a good many there. I rode up with Mrs. Barton, Sherman and Wesley. They had the horses. They had one of Dexter horses hitched in with his. I got home quarter of twelve. Heman had an invitation to go to surprise party over to Jennings.

Saturday, January 9, 1915 18 Above. Clear & cool all day. I cut up my pork & packed it then went up & went Rabbiting with Shove got one. Heman took the milk. Boys cleaned out Barn took munare up to Comestocks then done up chores. Early Heman took Lura & Eunice up to Jennings. I went over with Lucy, Roscoe & Lewis. Nellie Beadle went. It was a [?] fate.

Jan 9, 1915—18 above—Cloudy and cool most all day. I did house work and mother made pies. I mopped the dining room and mother mopped the kitchen. Heman went with milk in the morning and got an invitation to go to a surprise party over to Mrs. Jennings, it was her birthday. Heman got her a dish to take over. Papa, Lewis, Roscoe and myself went over across. Nellie Beadle came down and went over with us. Heman drove and took Laura and Eunice (Darling). Lyman, May (Darling), the boys and Mrs. Elroy went up. Hall boys, Clayson B., and Will and Caroline (Jennings) took up a collection and got $3.55 and there was no music. But we enjoyed ourselves. We had a supper.

Sunday, January 10, 1915 16 Above. Clear & cold all day. Got up at 7— Dam late. Heman took the little milk. Lewis & Roscoe done up Chores. Cleaned out Barn Lucy went to Church with Jim, then on a sparking streak all day. Heman went down to Simes on a sky lark. Mother & Lewis went up to Shoves.

Jan. 10, 1915—16 above —clear and cool. We didn’t get up very early. Clarence came over with his horse and wagon and I went to church with him. After church we went to Doctor B’s and went home with him. We had chicken for dinner and it was fine. Myra was sick. She had one of her poor spells. They had Doctor Turrill for her. In afternoon, Clara, Dora, Evelyn and myself went down on Brown’s pond and skated. I staid over all night. Heman went down to Laura’s. Mamma and Lewis went to Mrs. Shoves in the evening. Roscoe and Charles popped corn.

Monday, January 11, 1915 10 Above. red in East in the morning. Cloudy. I took To Load of munare up to Comestock. Cleaned out Barn then Lewis & I cut a load of wood for Kirk. got it down to the house. Heman took the milk then shelled some corn & Done up chores. Roscoe got his gloves from work.

Jan. 11, 1915—10 above cloudy and cool. I came over from Jenning’s in morning. Clarence came over to the wire fence with me. Mother was washing when I got here and Lewis was helping her. Heman got home from taking milk. Children all went to school. Clifford Spooner called here to see Papa about getting wood for the school house. Papa and Lewis cat a load of wood.

Tuesday, January 12, 1915 30 Above. Cloudy & raining like the Devil all day. I got never Slips took off from Charlie. put old fasion on him then he went all right. Boys cut some stalks. Lucy went down after the Children. Heman went up after the little ones I put the hames in the celer & ect.

Jan. 12, 1915 30 above. Cold rain. It rained all day. I did housework same as usual. Made a cake. Nellie came down after milk. I cleaned house in morning and mother finished it in afternoon. She finished her ironing also. After dinner I went to Kent after children. I went to Watson’s and bought some outing flannel and apron gingham, twenty five cent of Xmas cards. I drove Charlie and carriage. I telephoned to Mrs. Jenning’s to see how Myra was. She is feeling good deal better.

Memorandum in back of diary: Jan. 12th 1915 Garwood Devaux will be four years old

Wednesday, January 13, 1915 26 Above. Cloudy & rainy I took the milk boys cleaned out ice house then the barn. I came back Jacked up ice house & put it back in place. Boys cut some stalks. Heman took Load of wood to C Kirk. John vanesse came with him. Lewis & I went in wood cut Load of wood for school house.

Jan. 13, 1915 26 above. Foggy and cloudy in morning but cleared away in afternoon. I did house work same as usual. Mother made Papa a nightgown. Papa took the milk. He took corn and oats up to Sherman Martin’s to be ground. Heman took Mr. Kirk down a load of wood. John Van Ness came down on the train (?) and road up with Heman. He came unexpected. The children rode up from school with him. We didn’t go to bed till half-past ten.

Thursday, January 14, 1915 25 Above. Clear & warm all day. Lewis & I set up saw then sawed up wood for School house then cleaned out barn. heman took the milk. Came back went to Sherms_______

Jan 14, 1915 25 above—Clear and mild in the morning but clouded up toward night. Heman took the milk. Killed old Rose, the cow. She had a bad foot. I did house work same as usual. Made a cake and put whipped cream on it. Clarence came over and he and I went up to see Foster. Found him comfortable. We got down to my house at half past ten. He and I set out in the kitchen for a while and then he went home. I sent Myra over a lb. of white grapes by him.

Friday, January 15, 1915 29 Above. Cloudy & Look like rain. I took the milk with Charley & Peet. Heman took John Vanness over to Joe Stilsons. Lewis took Load of wood up to School house wood 70 ft. Brook reach out of wagon Lewis cleaned out barn. I white washed Box stall all over. Lewis & I done most of the chores. Hem went down after Roscoe.

Jan 15, 1915 22 above. Foggy and cloudy in morning but cleared up toward night. I did housework same as usual. Papa went with milk. Jnet and Charles rode down with him. Roscoe walked down to train. Heman went down to meet him. Heman took John Van Ness over to Joe Sullison in morning with Dora and carriage. He got home about five o'clock. I cleaned the rooms up upstairs and dusted. Mother finished my nightgown and I put lace on it. Mr. Shove came down after milk.

[under memoranda in back of diary: Mrs. W. Jenning’s birthday January 9th. 1915 she was fifty one.]

Saturday, January 16, 1915 28 Above. Clear & very nice day. Heman took the milk then went up to S__ Bartons after Grist and We all came down & put __ in wagon in fore noon. Clint came up & bought young Jersey & grey Strong. Keep them to the first of February. Boys took load of munare up to Comestocks. Lucy went up to Halleys.

Jan 16, 1915 28 above— Clear and mild. Mother baked all morning and some in afternoon. I did house work same as usual. In afternoon I cleaned the boys' rooms and dusted them. I cleaned my room and dust it. I mopped the dining room. I cleaned the kitchen windows. A little after four, I walked up to Hattie's and stayed all night. Hattie was skating up to North Lake. She came home in a while after I got there.

Sunday, January 17, 1915 30 Above. Cloudy & looked like rain. I took the little milk went to the Doctors & see about my finger. heman started fro Church got as far as Simes then stayed there 2 hours & back again then wen up to Coars after Lucy. Jim came over to see his Sweetheart. Charles Ruben Wolf Came down & ect.

Jan. 17, 1915—30 above. Cloudy in morning early and started in raining about ten o'clock. Hattie and I didn't get up til about eight o'clock. The rest of the folks hadn't had breakfast. We got started to eat and Raymond went up to milk but he got ready to eat before we got through. I had one of Hattie's Florida oranges and it was fine. We had a luncheon about twelve o'clock. Hattie took a bath in afternoon and I lay down on couch. Noble came after Raymond to help take down tobacco. Heman up to Hattie's after me with Dan. Hattie came down to the corner with us. Clarence was here when I got here. He came over half past one.

Monday, January 18, 1915 42 Above. Cloudy & rained like hell & damnation all day. I got soaking wet through taking milk. Got home at noon Boys cleaned out barn then Heman went after Charles & Jnet with 2 horses and carriage. Lucy went down to Old Lady Jennings to stay to stay all night. I done up tale end chores.

Jan. 18, 1915 42 above. Rained all day. Papa carried the milk and never got home til noon. He went to see doctor about his finger. He fixed it up for him. I did some of housework. Mamma worked on my nightgown. Heman went after the children with both horses on carriage. Mrs. E. S. Jennings sent word up to see if I could come down and help her. I went down with Heman when he went after the children. Mr. Walter Jennings came over and brought over Papa's paper to fill out so he can join the Woodman.

Tuesday, January 19, 1915 52 Above. Cloudy all Day. I took the milk Boys cleaned out Barn. took 3 load of munare in upper meadows then got Load of Bran & greesed Carriage & cleaned it & done up chores & Done milking. I went fishing with John & George up to the South pond. Put out 30 tips never had a damn bite. Monkeyed around all day.

Jan. 19, 1915 62 above. Cloudy all day. I got up six o'clock. Got breakfast for Mrs. J. Lewis and myself. She came out and eat to the table. I did the work. Went over to May's wonce in a while. Heman came down in the evening and wanted me to come over to May's to telephone. I went over. But could talk line was busy. Harold came over after me after supper. I went over with him when I got my dishes done. Laura played the organ and we sang a few pieces. I played Mrs. J. mandolin in the afternoon.

Wednesday, January 20, 1915 28 Above. Cloudy in the morning. Clearing off very nice day. I took the milk Came back went down on road through in lot of little stone put on some dirt. Boys cleaned out the Barn then cut some wood in the woods. Drew up one load after dinner. Lewis came up & helped Mother wash.

Jan. 20, 1915 28 above. Cloudy in morning but cleared away in a little while. Got up six o'clock. Did my work down to Mrs. J. and went up home little after eight to help Mother wash. Got up there and I did the dishes and milk pails. Mother had started washing. I did dinner dishes, chamber work and swept out. I got ready and came down to Mrs. J. When I got down here May hadn't got through washing, so I hung up some of Mrs. J. washing. Mrs. W. Page was up here. Laura, Eunice, Heman, Harold and Earl came over in the evening. Clarence came down in the evening. He came down before we had supper. He visited with Mrs. J. while we were eating.

Thursday, January 21, 1915 20 Above. Clear & cool all day. I took the milk. Boys fed Cows up to Hollan place. Cleaned out barn then Sawed up some wood for Mrs. Slosson. Most awful rough on road. I strung up new ox whip then went over to Comestock after load of wood. Cut down to trees to make up load & ect.

Jan. 21, 1915 20 above. Clear this morning but clouded up during the day. Snowed in afternoon a little. Brought my cloth's in and hung them on the cloth's horse to have them dry. Clarence drawed ties over in front of May's to Kent. I telephoned up to Mrs. W. Jennings and she said Dick was sick. Howard brought him home. She put him to bed pretty soon after he got home. Sarah came up home with Roy today but went back with him again this afternoon. She took the little girls back with her. Mrs. E. J. has been up quite a little today and she is quite comfortable. She is gaining every day.

Friday, January 22, 191520 Above. Clear & nice day. Heman took the milk . remode____ horse po____ & put in some new logs woods & iorns run like _ Sawed up Mrs. Slosson wood. Split it & Cleaned out Barn. took munare up on Garden lot. Heman went to the village in the eve.

Jan 22, 1915 20 above. Clear in the morning anf afternoon but toward night it clouded up. I did work for Mrs. E. J. same as usual. In afternoon I ironed and fussed around in afternoon. I went over to May's in evening. Harold and I played set back. He beat two games and I one. Heman was over there. I got home a little after ten. Clarence was drawing ties out over in front of May's. I went over to see him the last load he drawed out.

Saturday, January 23, 1915 28 Above. Cloudy & snowing like the devil 7 Oclock started to rain rained all day like hell. Heman took the milk. I got $25.00 out of C post put to Checks in, Bank $135 in all. Went to New Milford Saw Thomas horsses had very good ones got to Engine Circall & ect.

Jan 23, 1915 28 above. Rainy all day. Did the work to Mrs. E. J. same as usual. I went over to May's in afternoon and stayed quite a little while. Laura and I found a receipt for making lover's knots. But we didn't make any. Mrs. E. J. and Lewis and myself started to play bid whist. Clarence came down after me in the evening and I went home with him. It didn't take us very long to go up. We didn't go to bed very early that night.

Sunday, January 24, 1915 18 Above. Half way clear & mostly cloudy. I took the Little Milk. Boys cleaned out Barn __ feed cows at old barn. I put Mrs. Slosson wood in Barn. Ground up knives on Cutter. Drew out one load of munare on garden lot. Mother & I went down to Flanders in the Eve.

Jan 24, 1915 18 above. Was cloudy all day. I didn't get up very early. Dick is better. Mr. J. went with the milk and Clarence did the chores. When he got his work done, Clarence and I went down to Caroline and Wills to dinner and stayed and visited with them a little while. They played the phongraph. We had a very nice visit. We had to come away pretty good season. Clarence had to help milk. When we got up to his home they had just started milking. Clarence wanted me to stay all night that night so I did. H.W.S. came over in the evening after milk.

Monday, January 25, 1915 20 Above. Cloudy & Hail & sleet like the devil. I took the milk. Boys cut some Stalks Cleaned out Barn before dinner. Lucy went dow to John Chaces to help Kate. heman went after old dude in the afternoon. Lewis & I went up to Comestocks with load munare. Mother went after the Children.

Jan. 25, 1915 20 above. It was cloudy in the morning but cleared up in afternoon. I was over to Jennings. In the morning I had a call from Uncle J. W. Chase to have me come down and help. Aunt Kate a inflamitory rhueasine. So I said I would come down and help them. So Clarence said he would bring me down. He brought me over home first and I got clean clothes. He brought me down to Aunt Kates. We stopped to Watson's and when he came out he said here is your present. It was a flashlight. A very good one to. I got here about half past eleven.

1915 Rayovac
A 1915 Rayovac Flashlight
[It was Lucy’s birthday.]

Tuesday, January 26, 1915 20 Above. Clear & very nice day. Heman went with the milk & took load of wood to Mrs. Slosson. Stove length. Then Brought up the Kitchen cabnit then set it up. Heman & Lewis cleaned out the Barn. I took load of munare up to Comestocks. Lewis helped Mother wash. Boys went to the Jennings.

Jan. 26, 1915 20 above. Clear all day. Did Aunt Kate's work. I made a cake and put boiled frosting on it. I had supper early so I went over to the train and saw Laura. Uncle George went over and Aunt Mattie came. I kept her supper warm. I baked bread.

Wednesday, January 27, 1915 26 Above. Cloudy & snow squal Heman took the milk. Came back took load of munare up to Comestocks. Lewis & I cut some wood 4 foot for Lina Bull in the fore noon then I took down a half cord in the afternoon with the horses. Jim came over & helped Heman skin old Dude. Boys done most of the chores.

Jan. 27, 1915 26 above. Clear all day. Did Aunt Kate's work same as usual. I made cabbage salad for the supper. At rummage sale, I got some ruching for my brown dress. I fixed my dress in afternoon. Mrs. Lineberg was over to see Aunt Kate in afternoon. When Mrs. Lineberg went home I went over with her to get her curling iron. I started down to the Hall half past five. I helped wait on table. Aunt Kate let me take her little white apron. There was a big crowd there.

Thursday, January 28, 1915 26 Above. Cloudy & snowy all day. I took the milk Come back went up above big lot Cut one half cord in to hours. Hows that for old cock like me. Boys got Load of hay from the old Barn. Cleaned out the milk house took load munare up to the Comestock lot. Cut some stalks.

January 28, 191526 above. It was cloudy some all day and it snowed a little and the wind blew tonight. It snowed very hard.

Friday, January 29, 1915 6 Above. Clear & cold as damnation all day. I went up & got that load of wood in the morning then John Chase came up & fixed wagon box then put roll [?] in wagon. Heman took the milk then I got Charlie shod. I took Load of wood down to Lina Bull with the horses, Boys went to Skiners Camp Sosiable.

Jan. 29, 1915 6 above. Clear all day. I did Aunt Kate's work same as usual. Uncle John came up to our house to work. Uncle George and Aunt Mattie washed in morning. I and Aunt Mattie dressed Aunt Kate's arm. In afternoon, I went down on the milk train to Pages. I went over to Charlie Page's first and then I went over to Aunt Mary's. I played the phongraph. Clarence carried mail and when he got around, I went up home with him. We went over to Camp's to sociable. There was toward a hundred people there. We played games. Lena, Hubert and Garwood went.

Saturday, January 30, 1915 8 Below. Clear & Cold all day. heman took the milk. Lewis & Roscoe put to load of saw dust down under Shed. I finished wagon box, then I had Sled. Boys cleaned out barn put munare on garden lot then butchered Old Gallos. After Dinned I fixed up Platform to the Ice house. Mother & I went up to Richards.

Jan. 30, 1915 8 below. Clear all day and cold. I eat breakfast over to Jennings and when Clarence got his father off with the milk, then he took me home. Mother had the dishes done. I swept the children's room,. In afternoon I went to New Milford in afternoon. I hitched Charlie to the carriage. I went down on the half past three. I got me a pair of shoes, waist and dress. I took my watch down to New Milford and left it to Riddiford's to get repaired. I went up to Blinds and had my teeth looked at. He said I had two cavities in my teeth. May Eaton and Marion went down on the train. Mrs. Verlagnet went to New York.

Sunday, January 31, 1915 8 Above. Cloudy & & cold all day. Commenced to snow about noon. Started to rain about half past 8. I tapped ___ felts rubbers in the morning then cleaned out Barn took munare up to Comestock. Mother went to Church. I skimed to cans milk put them in Swill Barrel. Clarence came over. Heman went down to Simes.

Jan. 31, 1915.8 above. It was cloudy in the morning but snowed most all day. I did the work and mother went to church. We had dinner between half past one and two. Heman took little milk and never got home til one o'clock. He stopped down to foot of mountain. Clarence came over in evening. Heman went down to the foot of mountain. Clarence went home quarter of one. Clarence took home some cream. We had so much we couldn't use it all.