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Frank Seger’s Diary on a Connecticut Farm, October, 1915

Friday, Oct. 1, 1915. 48 above. Cool & blew up like rain[.] did rain some in after noon. I went to New Milford and got bank note for five thousand dollars. Watson & Morehouse backed it. Boys did not do much. Heman went to New Milford after noon ____ &____ done up the chores I went down after cows Ect.

Saturday, Oct. 2, 1915. 42 above. Cloudy & cold rain rained like the Devil most of the fore noon. I took the milk paid H.F. Newton$83.95 for feed. Heman stayed toned all day then went Sparking in the Evening. Lewis thrashed some I thrashed five floorings of rye in the after noon. Cool & cloudy all night & Ect

Sunday, Oct. 3, 1915. 48 above. Cloudy & cool Halfway Breaking toward noon. I went over to W C Jennings in the morning Came back with Jim. Went up to see potatoes looked around after things. Heman went to church in the morning then sparking after noon. I took the milk Got 11 cans. Lucy & Jim went to Hurlberts.

Monday, Oct. 4, 1915 32 above. Clear & Frosty fog in the vallie. Heman went down to the hall tended Ballit box. I took Children & milk down to the vilage came back cut _____ then went to town meeting in after noon. Lucy & mother picked chickens all day. Clear in the evening.

Women in the United States only won the right to vote with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1920, five years in the future. In 1915 they stayed home and plucked chickens.

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 191546 above. Cloudy & foggy Hard rain most of the day. I took the children up to school also the milk ______ in the morning then went to New Milford to see him on after noon Train. Boys threshed some. Heman shot a deer up in the big Lot. I took Chickens (?) to train.

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1915 56 above. Cool & cloudy all day. Heman went down to Simes to Help finish Silo & Jim went down for me. Lewis took the milk in hte Morning then took Lymans in after noon then he & Heman done up the chores. I went to Stamford to see lawyers Comming & Lockwood about McConnell bill they think can get me

Thursday, Oct. 7, 1915 50 above. Cloudy all day. Cool rain at night. Heman took the milk & children to school then picked some apples. I went to see Black blue this morning then Lewis & I went up to Beeby place got two heifers then we cleaned out the milk house then Lewis went to picking apples. I went over to Jennings after Blower.

Friday, Oct. 8, 1915 46 Above. Cloudy & cool all day. I took took children & milk. Lewis went to W Jennings took over some deer. Boys picked some apples. I threshed one flooring of rye then I picked some Lima beans then got the oxen before dinner then picked some corn after noon. Heman went to church in the evening & Ect.

Saturday, Oct. 9, 1915 32 above. Clear & cool had some frost. I took the milk had to wait for the male then phoned to Stamford then wrote a letter to Stamford also then went down to the vilage in Evening. Boys dug potatoes. Had 7 Bush of ____ 16 Bush of ____ Colored. Children went to Has_____s birth day party.

Sunday, Oct. 10, 1915 34 Above. Clear & cool all day had pretty good frost. I had job getting down some ____ the went over to the Granny lot got Black Blue & her calf. Lewis went up to see Smith. Harry Newton came up in his auto. I cleaned out the barn & some in the barn yard. Had phone from Stamford took milk.

Monday, Oct. 11, 1915 24 above. Clear & frosty very heavy. I took children & milk then went to the vilage in ev[en]ing. Boys Boys cleaned out the barn took load of munare in west meadow then we hung the old sow then picked apples in the after noon. I picked the greenings by the gr___ Lewis picked Bl______

Tuesday, Oct. 12, 1915 34 above. Clear & some frost. I went to the vilage in the morning telephone three times cost 18 cents then sent milk at night. Boys got the to Heifers over in granny lot. Both had calves then dug potatoes Cleaned out Barn took the mare out in west meadow. I wash up some Cans in the eve.

Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1915 40 above. Clear & very nice. Boys dug potatoes all day. I helped them in after noon dam poor crop. To deer came around us & was in gun shot of us. I took the children to school then called up Foland but did not get him then went down at night. Sold milk to Foland for 4½ cts qrt. Tried to get Hacket but did not.

Thursday, Oct. 14, 1915 50 above Clear & half cloudy. Boys dug potatoes all day. I went down with the children bought to Cans of [?] E W Bull & Sons new ones Ordered 6 new ap___ of Beach. telephoned to Hackett he was to phone me but did not. I went down to Simes to phone But could not get him. Stayed all day

Friday, Oct. 15, 1915 52 above. Clear & very nice day. I took milk phoned to Stamford did not get Hackett. Boys dug potatoes. I go home & helped finish them in the fore noon. Boys picked 3 bushel of corn after dinner. I took the milk. Called up Hackett. Sent milk to Bridgeport to H. W. Foland.

Saturday, Oct. 16, 1915 48 above. Cloudy & little cooler. Lewis went hunting. I had lot of fus[s]ing to do Skimming milk &ect. Cleaned out the barn took munare in west meadow. Picked some apples. Boys picked some corn & done chores. I took the milk. Went over to Will Cribily [Cribley?] picked up six ax handles but did not hear from Hackett.

Sunday, Oct. 17, 1915 52 above. Clear & very nice day. I hung 3 axes in the morning with Will Cribley’s handles. Had squirrel pot pie for dinner. Catherene came up last night. Lucy took her home today. Heman went a sky larking. Lucy went to Jennings last night came home this morning. I took the milk with Peet and Dan.

Monday, Oct. 18, 1915 45 above. Clear & very nice day. Heman plowed for rye up to Edwards Lot this fore noon. Lewis and I fixed up hog pen fence and made box bridge this fore noon. Boys picked some corn in the after noon. I took the milk but did not hear anything about Business. Heman went after cans in the evening.

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 1915 50 above. Clear & very nice day. Boys cleaned up 2 bushel of rye. Heman sowed it & harrowed it in the fore noon. Lewis & I went up on road put in Box Bridge & some stone & Brush in the fore noon then boys went out in after noon. I took the milk Brought home the children in the __________.

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 1915 52 above. Cloudy & rained all day. Boys ground up 3 axes in the fore noon. I took Children to school in the morning. Got some cans from Sound Beach [Bridgeport]. Heman carried milk & brought back children. Lewis washed up some cans. I cleaned out Barn Straightened up things then done chores.

Thursday, Oct. 21, 191546 above. Clear & nice all day. Lewis & I worked on road in fore noon. Heman drew up Bran from foot of mountain in the forenoon. I took the milk after dinner brought back the Children. At night Boys picked apples. Lucy & Jim went to New Milford drove Boys & I done up chores.

Friday, Oct. 22, 1915 34 above. Frosty in the morning. Clear & nice all day. I & Lewis worked on road in the fore noon. Heman & Roscoe picked some corn. Lewis went up in corn lot after dinner & got the corn. Heman took the milk & Roscoe went hunting. I went up to Renze[?] to cut off cattles horns. Had a dam job with Heifers &ect.

Saturday, Oct. 23, 1915 30 above. Clear & cold all day. Ther. only up to 40 above all day. Heman went hunting with Harrold. Lewis went hunting in the fore noon. Shot at deer but did not get him. I went out a while in the morning but the wind blue so could not do anything. Got 2 greys Roscoe 2 & one rabbit. Heman got partridge.

Sunday, Oct. 24, 1915 28 above. Clear & cool all day. Had hard frost last night. Froze ground a little. I sorted & put 3 barrels of apples in the cellar this morning. Let Shove have 4 barrels at 30 cts. apiece. Heman & Roscoe went over to Kent Hollow. Laura Eunice Harrold & Earl Darling came up to eat game dinner they ____ as it was good. That was [what] I like to see.

Halloween postcard
1911 Postcard to Lewis Seger (b. 1895, age 15) from his teacher,
Mrs. Barton, which Lewis saved in an album.

Monday, Oct. 25, 1915 22 above. Clear & frosty in the morning. Lewis & I went up to road to work. Milt [?] came after BBls. Walt Jennings came & got cutter. Heman drew out some munare in the fore noon. Boys cleaned out Barn & drew out munare in the after noon. I took the milk Brought back ____

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 1915 42 above. Clear in the morning. Cloudy in the after noon. Lewis & I went up on road put in 3 load of stone & brush & Dirt in the fore noon. Heman picked some Corn. Lewis cleaned ut barn & got the corn up at Comestocks. I went to New Milford got 5 suits of Clothes & some shirts. Bill $25.00

Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1915 40 above. Foggy and wet as the devil. Clearing up & very nice day. Cleaned off the silo & cleaned out Barn. I went down on the road fixed up the ______ in the fore noon. I took the milk & brought up the children Boys put some wood in wood house. I went up to Whitneys coning.

Thursday, Oct. 28, 1915 30 Above. Clear & awful nice day. Old sow got out this morning tore down the hog pen raised hell. Howard O’Dell John Chase came up hunting. Rammed all over. Got one wood chuck & 3 cotton tails. Boys went up to Hopsons to get mare from Tony Watley. I took Old sow to pages.

Friday, Oct. 29, 1915 30 above. Clear & warm all day. Lewis & I worked on road in the fore noon. Heman cleaned out barn & took some apples in the celar then took milk in the after noon. Lewis & I picked some corn after dinner. Roscoe took Heman’s wagon to the vilage. Heman likes his mare all right.

Saturday, Oct. 30, 1915 40 above. Cllear & cooler this morning grew cold all day. All hands picked corn in the fore noon. Lewis drew out some munare in after noon. Roscoe & Heman put apples in the celar in after noon. I took the milk, got check from Toland, got some [?]transports off Post and settled in with him.

Sunday, Oct. 31, 1915 36 above. Clear & nice day. I bated [?] Cows in the apples then fixed hole in Upper Meadow bridge. Cleaned up water buckets put water in buckets Dug down through Silo [?]Bos core Took the milk & went after cans in the evening. Mother & Lucy went to Pig Tails in the after noon.