Society Notes…

Joanie Williams, Nellie’s granddaughter-in-law, scanned newspaper articles saved by Mabel Sterry Seger and Nellie Seger Williams. Others have come from the papers of Jnet Seger Jennings.
Wedding announcement
The marriage of Mabel Seger
and and Harry Newton, 1903
Wedding announcement
The marriage of John Chase and Kate Seger
Frank Seger
Frank Seger’s 70th Birthday, 1936
Frank Seger
“Delicious refreshments were served.”
Sterry Twins
The Sterry Twins at 68
engagement announcement
Susan Seger engagement

And other news…

Nellie and Lem Seger
Perfect attendance for Nellie and Lem in January!
Hulda Sterry wed
Hulda Iverson Sterry marriage announcement
Marvin Sterry
Marvin Sterry’s suicide, 1936 or 37
Frank Seger Obituary
Frank Seger obituary
Charles Seger
Charles C. Seger, son of Roscoe,
enters the Army Air Corps enlisted reserves at 17, 1943
Evander Root obituary
Evander Root obituary
Lem Seger obituary
Orange Stanley “Lem” Seger obituary
in the Kent GTD, 1973

Remembering Uncle Bart


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Bart Seger
Bart Seger
Bart Seger