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Frank Seger’s Diary, September, 1915

Frank Bloss Seger, son of George and Alzora (Hall) Seger. b. Kent, CT Aug 25, 1866, d. January 3, 1937
Married Mabel Addy Sterry (August 1, 1867–May 14, 1946), daughter of John R. Sterry on March 25, 1891.
Both buried in Good Hill Cemetery, Kent, CT

Frank Seger’s Diary for September, 1915

dynamite permit
Dynamite Permit 1912, folded in back pocket of his 1915 journal.

Wednesday, September 1, 1915 40 Above. Clear & nice day. Boys & I dug potatoes in the fore noon then the Boys frisked them up in the after noon got them in the cellar. I fixed Hay rigging & a lot of other things then sent Greenfield a Bill for ____________ then I took the milk with Old Peet. Got Lot rubbish from Watson Groceries &Ect.

Thursday, September 2, 1915 42 above. Clear & Half way cloudy, had to more stayed all night last night. Got [salled] in an auto Heman went down & drive them out in the morning with the oxen then we worked on road in fore noon. Lewis piled wood . Started to blast in B_______ Busted Stone boat all to pieces so stopped. I took the milk. Boys done chores. Got some pig feed.

Friday, September 3, 1915 50 above. Clear & hot as the devil all day. Heman went Black Berring up in Richards Lot & took the milk. Roscoe monkeyed around all day then he & Charles done Chores. Lewis & I went over to Washington fair had very nice fare some nice cattle & horses. had some good Drawing with Horses & Dam good with oxen.

Saturday, September 4, 1915 52 Above. Hot & cloudy. Some Sun Shone & Heman & Roscoe went Black Berring. Heman took Some to Miss Gregory. I went down in the morning got wheels & exil & Butty from good Luck. Had lot of [busing] to do. Lewis went up to Beebe Place to see cattle then piled wood. I put wagon together in afternoon then took milk & Ect.

Sunday, September 5, 1915 62 Above. Cloudy all day. Heman went to church. I worked like a dam nigger all day put Hay spout in the fence so as to have it half way Handy then threshed out 3 flooring of rye cleaned it up put it in Big Kettle with little potatoes & cooked them up & fixed silo. Roscoe took the milk with Old Peet. Lewis & I done chores.

Monday, September 6, 1915 60 above. Fairly good Day. Clear some & sun shone some. Put rigging on wagon greased them up. Walt came over then _____ up Blower & England took Half day then Started to cut one Load. Hood over Blower busted had a flaw in it s[o] that stopped all things I telephoned to Dan Tobin & he sent after new parts.

Tuesday, September 7, 1915 64 above. Cloudy & wet most of the fore noon. I took the children to school in the morning. Painted tin roof after dinner then took the milk. Heman had to take his L_____ _____ to the train. Boys trimmed up the tomatoes in the after noon. Heman went down after [roscoe?] in the E other children rode up with Bernard _____

Wednesday, September 8, 191568 above. Cloudy wet in the morning hot as hell & Damnation all day. W Jennings came over and he & I took apart the Blower & ground up Cutter knives. Heman went down to Simes & Telephone for the piece of casting. Boys & I cut some corn in Edwards Lot after noon then I took the milk. Lewis & Charles went up to Richards in Eve & ect.

Thursday, September 9, 1915 68 above. Clear & hot as hell all day & night. Started to cut Silo pit on new piece got in around 22 loads. had Nobe [Richards] & Rubin wolf Walt & his men. Old Polly feed the Cutter. John Drew with Walt’s team. Heman Drew with horses & RubbinWolf with oxen. I worked in silo then took the milk. Had showers in the evening.

Friday, September 10, 1915 62 above in the morning. Hot not so much as yesterday. Good Corn weather. think will have fair Crop of Corn after all. Put in above 22 Load of Silo. had Simes team to Help draw [?]Lime Came of an Cut Some in the fore noon. Nobe Drew some after Dinner with the oxen. I took the milk. got Ten Gallons of Gasoline.

Saturday, September 11, 1915 69 above. Clear & not so warm as yesterday But middling. Nat Rubin [sic] did not Come but Sime came & he is a Good feller. John went home at noon to get in [?] rowen. Old Polly had Lot trouble with his Engine this afternoon but Cut several load after all. I took the milk had to wait for cans. dam Job & ect.

Sunday, September 12, 1915 52 Above Clear & warm. I had to thresh Some rye for the boys Cook up some potatoes & rye hunted up Cows & took Ears off of field in Spring lot. Heman went on a sparking spree all day. Roscoe took the milk. Lewis & Charles done Chores. Mother & I went up to Uncle Dans to night & stayed to supper got some meat.

Monday, September 13, 1915 62 above. Cloudy & had thunder showers in the morning. Jennings came poking over in the rain like dam fools came off about 10 o'clock then Started to cur Corn run off 4 Load before dinner. Most Dam warm most summer had this year. Ben awful hot too for this month. I took the milk Came Back worked half the night.

Tuesday, September 14, 1915 66 above. Clear & most awful hot all Day. Walt brought over another Pulley taint worth a Dam monkeyed all the fore noon with it finly got to work after a while got in 20 Load in all. Old Polly don't know any more about engine than I do. I took the milk. Came back worked half of the night to get ready for future.

Wednesday, September 15, 1915 66 above Clear & hot as Hell all day & night to . Most dam warm for the time of year. There was up to 14 Jennings folks come over & we got corn all in Silo. Dam good thing finished at 3 o clock. Nobe took Blower over to Walts then Jennings folks took engine & rest of the traps. I took the milk. Boys done chores

Thursday, September 16, 1915 64 above. Clear & hot all day all hands went over to Walts to help him in Silo. It took all of the fore noon to set up and get ready the started to cut in after noon. Got in about t0 doors up Silo. I took the milk Bran come got Dwight & Nobe to help tinker. Cow had calf & old dock one [?]

Friday, September 17, 1915 64 above. Clear & hot as hell all day. Got up in the morning had 10 days works to do, finaly got started down town. had Nobe & Dwight to help. Nobe drove Charlie & Peet. Heman Drove Dan & Colt together. He drew 4 load & took the milk N[obe?] Drew 4 load. oxen [one?]. had thunder showers at night. hot as hell all night.

Saturday, September 18, 1915 58 above. Clear & little cooler. I guess the hot spell is Busted. Started all hands down to finish Car. Nobe Drew _ load. Hewman drew 4 & took the oxen drew 2 Loand made Nobe &ect pretty late. Roscoe helped to day Charles stayed to hoe & looked after things. I got some crackers & cheese for my diner.

Thursday, September 19, 1915 52 above. Clear & nice day. Boys went up to the Beebe place to get Heifer & calf. I went over to Walt Jennings looking after wagon wheel Boxin [?] Ground up the cutter knife & monkeyed around over there half day. Came back worked like the devil to get wagon ready. Roscoe took the milk

Monday, September 20, 1915 60 above Clear & Nice all day. I cleaned out Barn in the morning. Boys Started for Jennings when I got to it I went over & worked in silo til 3 o’clock then took the milk. Got Bag horse feed bag Corn & Buckwheat. Put in several load in Walts Silo. Old engine worked dam mean all day. dam the thing.

Tuesday, September 21, 1915 60 Above. Cloudy & rained like hell & dam nation all day. I went to Sound Beach to see McConnell. He promised to pay after Oct. first right along. Heman took children to school. Roscoe & I went down on Carrage. Heman took the milk. Lewis tried to thresh some but did not do much. done boy work.

Wednesday, September 22, 1915 46 above. Clear & cool all days. Boys & I went over to Jennings this morning finished up Walts silo at eleven o'clock. Stayed over & cut Corn. I took the team home eat dinner then got cow & calf up to Hollan Place then took the milk with Old Peet & Dan. Lucy went over to Jennings to see Jim on business.

Thursday, September 23, 1915 24 above. Clear & cool all Day. Had white frost but did not hurt any thing as I see. Started to cut field corn up in the Comestocks. Pretty slow cutting down a good deal. I threshed out some rye in the morning. Cleaned _____. Heman took the children to School. I took the milk.

Friday, September 24, 1915 42 Above. red in the East morning had a shower abut noon. Cut some corn in the fore noon. Boys cut up apple tree in Dooryard after noon. I fixed up the shop doors & the upright piece. Boys done up chores. I took the milk. Young sow had 15 pigs yesterday to dead 11 on Sow to in house.

Saturday, September 25, 191540 Above. Clear & Cool. Frost in some places. All hands went up to Comestocks & finished culling field corn in the fore noon then went to Tom Templetons funeral after noon. Boys mowed dooryard & cut up some of the old apple tree. Raymond Davis got two calves. Heman took the milk.

Sunday, September 26, 1915 50 above. Cloudy & rain Some rained most of the afternoon. Shifted cows around granny lot & Hollan Place. Lewis cleaned out the barn. I went up to Beebe place to see cattle then peeled potatoes & ect. Heman & Lucy went off on a sparking trip. I took the milk then helped boys do chores then fixed Rubber Boots in Evening.

Monday, September 27, 1915 38 above. Clear & cool. Whitney came down & got Carrier & Cutter. I went up & helped him set it up & grind the knives. Was up there to dinner got home at to o’clock. Heman took children to school then he & Lewis cut some wood for __ Johnson. I Drew it down with oxen by the house then took the milk with Peet.

Tuesday, September 28, 1915 34 above. Clear & cool did not see any frost. I took milk and children to school Sent D. Tobin Check for Pepac [?} Blower $127 Sent check of $25 +10 dollar bill to the Bank $35 in all. Took a load of wood to D Johnson then got oxen shod, got home at 5 o’clock. Boys went up to help fill silo with Team & ext.

Wednesday, September 29, 1915 36 above. Clear & cool all day. Heman took children to school & took the milk. Got his plug shod. Lewis & I went to ___ [reny?] helped cut corn & fill silo. he ___ Old H Smith with his team aint worth a dam to work. Mother & Lucy was up to reng[?] in after noon to Call. Heman & Charles done the chores & ect.

Sunday, September 30, 1915 32 above. Clear & cool all day. Boys went down to Simes to help fill Silo. I took the milk. Came back went over in the woods got Perry folks some running pine for there wedding then took Simes milk. Came back done up Chores. Went back to vilage in the evening after [?] Corns but got ___. Mother worked all day.

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