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Frank Seger’s Diary on a Connecticut Farm, June, 1915

Frank Seger’s Diary for June, 1915

Tuesday, June 1, 1915. 40 above. Clear & very warm. Hem got Load of wood with the oxen on Sled put it on wagon. Heman took it to Dwight. Got Bbl. flour & Lime Bag Salt in the fore noon. Bill & I fixed fence. Heman plowed some & took the milk. Bill hoed peas & beans. I went to New Milford & Ect. that all

Wednesday, June 2, 1915. 38 above. Cool & cloudy. Bill & Heman went to John Richards after sawdust then he finished plowing the garden lot. Bill & I fixed fence in granny lot. Heman helped fix after noon then he took the milk. Bill & I worked until 15 minutes after five then done chores. Heman stayed after cows.

photograph of Seger children with oxen
Photo in Seger family collection of children with a pair of oxen.

Thursday, June 3, 1915. 40 above. Cloudy & cool all day. Bill & I finished fixin grany lot fence. Heman took the Children to school then shelled some corn to it to Waldrons to be cracked. Bill & I took young sow to Will Pages this morning. Lewis walked ______ Bill & I fixed fence up to Hollan Place.

Friday, June 4, 1915 40 Above. Clear & very nice day. Lewis Bill & I burnt Brush up in huckleberry lot hoed corn in the garden. Heman cultivated potatoes, Bill & Lewis hoed potatoes in afternoon. I took the milk then ___ the horseshoes in to the Barposts over in the granny. Lucy & Heman went to fla[n]ders.

Saturday, June 5, 191542 above. Clear & cool. Heman Harrowed in he garden lot fore noon. Bill Lewis & Roscoe finished hoeing potatoes then they took 3 cows up to Comestocks pasture turned out the oxen Bill went on a drunk in the afternoon. Boys cleaned up the door yard in the after noon.

Sunday, June 6, 1915 50 above. Very nice day wind in the east. Heman went to York State took Lura and Hearled [?] captured Rattle Snake up in Bog Hollow. I went up to Baums then took the milk. I shot 3 woodchucks with the rifle. I telephone to Dr. Deneslow. Bill came back Dead Broke. _______Clint was here to dinner.

Monday, June 7, 1915 60 above. Cloudy rain in the morning then cleared off. Put few Shingles on Cow Barn. Bill & Lewis Planted over corn in the ComeStocks Lot. heman got to Load of Shingles. Sent the oxen down to the foot of the hill to help up the Horses. I took the milk. Got new Cultivator off Bull.

Tuesday, June 8, 1915 60 Above. Cloudy & rainy some in the morning. Started to cultivate but Stoped then Cleaned up Barn floors and shelled some seed corn in the morning then went Cultivating in after noon. Bill & Lewis Hoed corn Heman cultivated in Comestock Lot after noon. I took the milk with old Peet & Ect.

Wednesday, June 9, 1915 52 above. Clear & very nice day. Lewis cultivated in spring lot fore noon then helped in after noon with Bill. Heman cultivated up in Comestocks all Day. Cirk (?) & Barker came up & we Shingled on the Cow Barn. I took the milk. Lucy and the children went to school picnic. I hoed some garden at night.

Thursday, June 10, 1915 46 Above. Clear & very nice day. Lewis & B hoed the Spring Lot finished in. Heman finished Cultivating Comestock Lot. Cirk & Barker came up & I helped them Shingle all day on Cow Barn. I took the milk with Old Peet.

Fridayday, June 11, 1915 50 above. cloudy and cool all day. Heman harrowed the garden lot. Some of it with horses & with the oxen. Lewis cultivated too upper meadow pieces then Helped Bill how. Heman hoed a little. I took the milk & bought 20 tons of mixfeed of Wilson & Eaton $25.00 per ton. [???] Got to screen doors paid for them.

Saturday, June 12, 1915 54 above. Clear & hot Showery like. I marked out the garden lot. Boys & Bill planted it. Boys an Bill finished hoeing uper meadow in the morning then they Hoed garden. Kirk & Barker came & we finished Shingling Cow Barn. Kirk hung two screen doors. Heman went after load of shingle.

Sunday, June 13, 1915 58 above. Cloudy & warm looked like rain all Day. Bill went up to Tinker Halls and helped Hem get some wood. I salted Cows over in granny lot & up to Comestocks. Lucy & Nellie went to church. Heman went to Woodroe in the afternoon. I took the milk with Old Peet. Jim come over in evening.

Monday, June 14, 1915 60 above in the morning going up to 90 at noon. Very hot & sultry. Heman Cultivated up to Hollan Place. I & Lewis took scaffold off the Barn took most of the fore noon. Bill cut some wood back of the barn for Mrs. Brennan in the fore noon. I drew it down to the House then he & Lewis hoed Corn. I bushed peas & ect.

Tuesday, June 15, 1915 60 above. Clear in the morning. Blowing up at 8 O Clock. Cloudy & foggy all day. Showers at night. Rained very nicely. I cultivated corn in the fore noon. Boys & Bill hoed all day. Corn & potatoes. I hoed in the garden after noon then took milk. Heman went down after Roscoe in Eve.

Wednesday, June 16, 1915 60 above. Warm & fair. Cloudy at night. Took to Cows up to the Beebe Place put Old Topsy up to Comestocks. Heman finished cultivating up to the Ed lot. Bill & Lewis hoed in fore noon some. All hands hoed in the afternoon. I set out some tomatoes in the morning & hoed in the garden then took the milk &Ect.

Thursday, June 17, 1915 60 above. Cloud & had to Showers in the morning. I went to the vilage qand got Charlie shod & see Bull about making wagon. Boys & Bill sprouted potatoes & then picked up all bags & sorted them. Cleaned out barn in the after noon & took the milk.

Friday, June 18, 1915 58 above. Clear & nice all day, hot. Bill went up to John Richards to help him dig well. Lewis & I finished hoeing Corn up to the Edwards Lot then Lewis cultivated Corn. Heman cultivated up to Comestock. I sawed & split wood for Mrs. Brena. Heman went to New Milford in automoble.

Saturday, June 19, 1915 62 above. Clear & hot all day. I took load of wood to Mrs. Brenna. Heman took load of wood to Watson. took back 1000 shingles. Bill & I took Some Stone up to the big lot. Got load of wood back of the Barn & Bill sawed some of it. Got 25 bushel of oats from H. Newton. Had heavy shower 4 O’Clock.

Sunday, June 20, 1915 50 above. Cloudy & had a thunder shower in the morning rained like the devil. Boys went up to John Richards & helped Nobe bury the colt that was struck by lightning yesterday. I took the milk. Took shingles off the cabbage plant & pulled some weeds out of the beans. Heman went a sparking & Etc.

Monday, June 21, 191550 above. Clear & very nice all day. Heman & Roscoe cultivated in the Comestocks in the fore noon. Lewis cultivated the Spring Lot. I fixed fence down at the Orchard & fixed road up in the Big Lot

Friday, June 22, 1915 50 above. Cloudy most of the day. Heman cultivated up in the Edwards lot in the fore noon. Lewis cultivated to uper meadow pieces & the garden & Lot corn. Bill Roscoe hoed in the fore noon. I went up to the Beeby Place to see Cattle went over to the Pond all hands hoed in the after nooon. Heman took the milk.

Friday, June 23, 1915 50 above. Cloudy & rained in the night an all the morning. Bill went to New Milford after Boose. Heman went to the vilage in the morning got the washing I cleaned out the Shop set out some tomatoes then took the milk. Heman took load of wood to Mrs. Brenna. Lewis shelled corn.

Friday, June 24, 1915 46 above. Clear & wind Clouds some cool all day. Lewis cultivated in the gard[en] lot in the fore noon. All hands hoed corn in the garden lot all day. Bill hung his old coat on the line at noon then went up to Ed Halls to finish his Drunk. I took the milk with Old Peet. Boys went down to Lymans.

Friday, June 25, 1915 48 above. Clear & little warmer. I cultivated in the garden lot and int he spring lot fore noon. Boys hoed in garden lot in fore noon then all hands hoed in the Spring lot after noon. I took the milk with Charlie horse. Got 10 qts. Straw Berries off H Newton. Helped Nobe load ______ for Old Greenfield.

Saturday, June 26, 1915 50 above. Clear & hot all day. Heman cultivated potatoes. Wrest of us hoed corn in the Spring Lot. Went up to Comestocks after dinner. Milked out Old Bob Tail. Boys all of them went to the Show with to teames. Myron Vannss came today. Lucy & Jim went to the Show. I took the milk wit old Peet. Got John Richards some wire.

Sunday, June 27, 1915 46 above. Clear & hot all day. Had thunder shower in the after noon. I went up to the Beeby Place to see Cattle. White Cow came in hade of time. dam the luck. Lewis & I went up after her in the after noon. Heman & Myron took the milk. Lucy took Sarah home. Jim cme over so he had to go back.

Memorandum of Order
Which is an Unconditional Purchase of which I have a carbon copy
Date: June 29—15   No.5001
Given by Mr F. B. Seger
To NEAR’s FOOD CO, Inc. or Local Dealer
For  200  lbs. Near’s   Stock  Mixture    10½   c per lb.
For   25  lbs. Near’s   Horse  Mixture   Five   c per lb.

Upwards of twenty dollars for feed. There is a puzzling entry in Frank’s diary on June 11 which looks like a purchase of mixed feed by the ton. At this point I curse my ignorance and the purple pencil.

Monday, June 28, 1915 48 Above. Clear & warm all day. I went to Sound Beach to see McConnell had no luck. Bill went up to John Richards to work. Boys hoed corn in the Spring Lot. Heman went up to Cornwall Bridge to C. Beechers & got his colt. Roscoe took the milk & I wrode up with him with Old Peet horse.

Tuesday, June 29, 1915 50 above. Clear & nice all day. I hilled up potatoes with Old Peet. Boys & Bill hilled them up for diner. Heman Cultivated Corn in the Ed. lot in the fore noon then up to Comestocks in the afternoon. Boys & Bill finished Spring Lot then started up to Comestocks. I took the milk with Old Peet. got bag Bran & phosfate paid for.

Wednesday, June 30, 1915 60 above. Cloudy & little rain took Blue to bull. Heman went & got colt shod. I took Load of wood to Watson all ready for the stove. Got $7.00 for it. Bill helped John Richards. Lewis hoed garden in the fore noon. Rocoe & Lewis packed the Shed in the afternoon. I fixed barnyard fence. Heman went with grist over to Walts.