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Frank Seger’s Diary, July 1915

Frank Seger’s Diary
Frank Seger’s diary

Frank and Mabel’s youngest son, Paul John, came into the world on this Fourth of July. One of the summer camps, perhaps Camp Kenmont or Camp Milford (Camp Kent), on Spectacle Lake, a short distance up the road, is mentioned as hosting the fireworks. Paul John—Uncle Bart— found the Independence Day festivities a good backdrop for his birthday celebrations in his later years.

Frank Bloss Seger, son of George and Alzora (Hall) Seger. b. Kent, CT Aug 25, 1866, d. January 3, 1937
Married Mabel Addy Sterry (August 1, 1867–May 14, 1946), daughter of John R. Sterry on March 25, 1891.
Both buried in Good Hill Cemetery, Kent, CT

Frank Seger’s Diary for July, 1915

Thursday, July 1, 1915 60 Above. Cloudy and rained like the devil in the morning. took to Cows out in the granny lot then set out some cabbage and weeded garden in the fore noon. Heman went after the grist Boys & I hung a ______ twine on beans. I took the milk, gave Watson a bank note for $200 & ect. Heman went to foot of hill.

Friday, July 2, 1915 62 above. Cloudy & Shower in the after noon. Heman cultivated up in the little Comestock lot & all hands hoed. Boys finished hoeing in the afternoon. I had to cut up hams & put them in a tub. [?] Heman took the milk. Boys & I done Chores. Paid Walt Barker $10.00 for shingling Barn & Ect. Thank God.

Saturday, July 3, 1915 65 above. Came off hot as hell. Heman drew up three Load of stuff for the Jews. More people and automobiles than I ever saw before up this way. Lewis & I fixed road up at the barn in the fore noon. I had to go after Mrs. Benson and telephone Dr. Denelow to come. was up all night.

Sunday, July 4, 1915 63 above. Cloud & hot. had Baby Boy Born at 2 Oclock this morning. I went to the vilage & got Paper & to pounds of Butter then took the milk after noon. Paid Dr. Denislow $22.00 for medical atention. Aunt Mary Page Stoped in this after noon. Mother I guess will get along if nothing happens. So good.

Monday, July 5, 1915 66 above. Cloudy & rained like the devil this morning for a little while. I went to the vilage in the fore noon got Some things then went a wood Chucking in afternoon little while took the milk held the fourth. Heman went a Darlinging. Boys went up to see fireworks at the Jew Camp.

Tuesday, July 6, 1915 52 above. Clear & very nice all day. Heman took Old Greenfield to Washington [Connecticut], gone 7 hours. Charge $3.50 for going. I mowed the north garden lot & went Seven times around Clover [?] piece then took the milk. Boys hoed some in the garden. Heman went to the vilage in Evening. Mother getting along nicely.

Wednesday, July 7, 1915 50 Above. Clear in the morning Clouding up right away. No hay day. Heman and Roscoe cultivated in the comestocks until 10:30 O Clock ______ Clover ___ cultivated garden lot & raked Hay in the fore noon. got in to Load out in garden lot & one _ of Clover & he ___ up the rest. Heman took milk.

Thursday, July 8, 1915 52 above. Cloudy & rainy all dan had dam hard shower in the afternoon rained like the Devil dam cold Summer. Cloudy & cold all the time. Corn only one foot high looks dam discouraging for Crops no hay weather Whatever. I took the milk. Boys drawing to load of dirt up to the barn.

Friday, July 9, 1915 50 above. Clear & extra nice day. I mowed the Little piece on the north ridge than mowed some clover until one O clock got in one load of hay. Had to shake up hay & turn it over to times then did not get dry. dam poor hay weather. Lewis took the milk with Old Peet.

Saturday, July 10, 1915 51 above. Half clear & Cloudy. I went to Sound Beach to see McConnell & Ruben Woolf come down & helped the Boys get in the hay. They had Six Big Loads. got through a Seven. Roscoe took the milk. Rest of them got in hay. Lura & Eunice came up on eve. I walked up from the Vilage at night.

Sunday, July 11, 1915 51 above. Hazy & some clear & cloudy. I put 25 lbs Bug Dust on potatoes & some hyrox then did not finish. Roscoe went up to Pond to Camp-fire girls. Heman went to Masidonia. Lura & Eunice I went up to see Cows Old Holestein had pair twin calves Both Heifers, Came dead. Lucy & Jim went out for a ride.

Monday, July 12, 1915 54 above. Cloudy & rain some. boys went up to see Cattle at Beebe Place then went a fishing. Lewis cultivated some I went down to the vilage got Dan shod behind. Bought half ton mix feed off Harry Newton then Boys & I mowed in the Spring Meadow after noon. Heman took the milk.

Tuesday, July 13, 1915 60 Above. Clear most of the day. Cloudy Some. boys cultivated in Comestocks fore noon Lewis Cultivated Garden Lot after dinner finished mowing Clover. Heman moved Spring Meadow. I took the milk with Old Peet. I hoed garden in fore noon. Charles got 6 quarts of Black raspberries. had short cake for supper.

Gatorade, Anyone?

Haymaker’s Switchel

  • 1 Cup Molasses
  • 1 Cup Cider Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp. Ginger

Mix well in 1 gallon cold water, drink liberally in hot weather.

Wednesday, July 14, 1915 62 above. Clear & nice hay day. Mowed some in the morning then tedded [?] Hay on the ridged turned over in the Spring Meadow raked up East Side before dinner then got 2 load in Spring Meadow & 3 out of the rye lot. Lewis raked up the Clover. Rubin Wolf & I got up the hay. Heman took the milk.

Thursday, July 15, 1915 64 above. Clear & nice hay day. I finished up mowing up rye lot & mowed some in west meadow. Got in 4 Load of Clover & 3 load of timothy. Rubin Woolf was here to help. Had mess of peas for dinner.

Friday, July 16, 1915 63 above. Half way clear & cloudy. Boys & I mowed in the west meadow in the fore noon, put Load of hay in the horse b. & ground up mowing knifes before dinner then got to big load of hay out of rye Lot & one in the west meadow. I went to New Milford in the after noon & got some [?] Sictons [?]

Saturday, July 17, 191570 above. Clear & most dam hot all Corn grew like hell & damnation. I mowed Oats in the fore noon. Lewis he washed Cans & helped ______ hay. Got in three load of hay had a small shower had to wait half hour for Hay to dry. Heman took the milk got Bbl. ______ food.

Sunday, July 18, 1915 69 above. Clear & very nice hay day. I finished mowing oats. Heman went a sparking with his new wagon & hoss. Roscoe took the milk I went up & looked at the cows & crops, potatoes are looking fine. Having some good hot weather now. Looks forward for good crops. I went to bed & had good _____.

[From Lucy’s Diary:]

July 18, 1915 Arthur Page got married . He came up to Mr. Perry’s and he married them. Eunice Hall

Monday, July 19, 1915 60 above. Cloudy & clear. Some hot as hell. Boys went up to Comestocks & cultivated all day until 5 O'Clock. Lewis cultivated up to Edwards lot in the fore noon. I hoed garden some then stated to get in some scaterings [?] but had a big shower & & one in evening. Heman went to ________

Tuesday, July 20, 1915 60 above. Cloudy most of the day. Hoed corn in Comestock in the fore noon Heman _____ oats rest of us shook up raking in west meadow fore noon. Had one load put it in the Bull house. Lewis raked up some oats, Roscoe & I cleaned out the milk house. Heman took the milk.

Wednesday, July 21, 1915 62 above. Cloudy & look like all the morning had shower after dinner boys & I hoed corn up to the Comestocks in fore noon. Boys oiled light --oubil Harnesses after noon. Heman oiled up his harness. I took the milk, Got Dan shod & got my hair cut. Boys went fishing got 8.

Thursday, July 22, 1915 60 above. Cloudy & had 3 showers. Boys & I hoed the Comestocks corn, finished up then hoed some garden & mowed around the house. Lucy & Lewis went up to Hattie Davis in the Eve. Roscoe & Heman went to the vilage. I took the milk, got some Red top grass seed mixed it up for morning. Mother wrote Dr. Deneslow.

Friday, July 23, 1915 56 Clear & very nice day. Boys took cows out of Granny Lot & put them up to Comestocks & brought back Bobtail then all hands shook up oats twice in the fore noon. Rubin Woolf came at noon & helped get in Six load & Lewis & I got in one more. Made 7 in all. Heman took the milk.

Saturday, July 24, 1915 56 above. Clear & nice foggy in the morning ground up Sythes & mowed the Little Meadow. Got in one load of oats in fore noon to after dinner & to load hay. Rubin Wolf got here at nine Oclock Lewis & Roscoe went fishing. I took the milk got Rubin bag of midlings & bag for myself one horse one cow.

Sunday, July 25, 1915 54 above. Clear & very nice day. Old Bob was sick. I went down to Simes & telephoned to Todd had to bring him up the mountain. Heman went to church with his girl. Lewis & Roscoe went up to the pons. Roscoe took the milk. I looked after Old Bob. Lucy went up to the pond. I took up chicken & ect.

Monday, July 26, 1915 58 above. Clear & good hay day. I went down & Tel to Todd then had to go down after him. Asst to come up up & cut Old Bob open & take away the Calf. Rubin Wolf came down & we cut the rye raked & shocked most of it. Heman took the milk. I had to take care of Bob most of the time. Had a shower at night.

Tuesday, July 27, 1915 56 above. clear in the morning Cloudy in the after noon some Sun Shoe Som toward night. Cut some of hay at the Old Barn in the fore noon & got up Six Load of hay. Rubin Wolf came down Roscoe picked some beans & some peas at night I had Cabbage & some Onions. Heman & Lucy went down to Simes in eve.

Wednesday, July 28, 1915 50 above. Half clear & cloudy some. Boys & I mowed some by hand in the morning at the Old Barn. I started the machine at half past nine, got through at noon. Rubin Woolf come in the after noon we got in 6 Load of hay had to hustle like the devil. Shower write on us. Got through just in time.

Thursday, July 29, 1915 64 above. Clear & hot as hell all day. I went up and got Old Flopsy and her calf in the morning. Shove come down & got Bob's calf give five for it. Boys and Rubin Wolf mowed in the west meadow all day. I mowed some with the machine then took the milk. Eat supper with J Chase.

Friday, July 30, 1915 66 above. Clear & hot as hell & damnation all day. Thermom ranging up to 90. finished mowing the West Meadow then Rubin & I turned over the rye & started it up for dinner the got in 3 load of hay, put 1 load in bull shed, 1 in Barn. I took the milk. Boys done the chores & ect.

Saturday, July 31, 1915 70 above in the morning hot as hell all day. Boys fixed up the tomatoes & monkeyed around. I went up to Rubin Wolf & got Simes potatoes in for noon. Roscoe took the milk. Heman took the Carpenters down from the Lake & brought load of Jews. I went to Woodmen clambake. Got home 3 oclock.

[From Lucy’s Diary:]

July 31, 1915 Edith V. Beeman married Lawerence B. Spamer. She was married at Aunt Dollies.