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Frank Seger’s Diary, August, 1915

Frank Seger’s Diary
Frank Seger’s diary

Frank Bloss Seger, son of George and Alzora (Hall) Seger. b. Kent, CT Aug 25, 1866, d. January 3, 1937
Married Mabel Addy Sterry (August 1, 1867–May 14, 1946), daughter of John R. Sterry on March 25, 1891.
Both buried in Good Hill Cemetery, Kent, CT

August 1915 was a month for upgrades. Whatever they had for a silo got some attention from a heretofore unmentioned “Kirk and Barker,” and late in the month Frank took receipt of a silage cutter/blower, which may be the one seen in photos on the main farm page. With the arrival of the traction engine in May, this looks like a move into modernity.

Frank Seger’s Diary for August, 1915

Sunday, August 1, 1915 68 Above. Clear & nice All Day had litle Shower toward night. Clint & his wife was up I went to Hoag place with him. Heman & Lucy, Jim & Lura went to Joseph Stillson for the day. I took the milk. Jim Stayed all night with his girl. Heman stayed with his sweetheart all night.

Monday, August 2, 1915 66 above. 66 Above. Cloudy & rain all the fore noon. Lewis, Roscoe went up to the pond fishing. I went up around woodchucking little while in the morning then Heman sowed grass seed in the comestocks lot. Just before dinner boys put some wood in wood house. Heman broke colt to ride & ect.

A signature quilt given to the Rev. Benjamin Mead Wright in 1896,
one square signed by members of the Seger family.
Now in possession of the Kent Historical Society.

Tuesday, August 3, 1915 56 Above. Cloudy & cold as hell all day. Some showers. Boys put Some wood in wood house. I went up to Comestocks lot to see cattle. Heman went up to Beeby Place to see them. I stumped around with Lame back all day. Heman took the milk. Lucy, Lewis & Roscoe went up to Bromica to the church doings & ect

Wednesday, August 4, 1915 50 above. Cloudy & rain and wind blue like Hell & Damnation all the fore noon. never saw the wind blow & rain so hard. Blowed down corn & tobacco flat, also some Trees. Worst Storm I ever saw this time of the year. Had Snow in Michigen. Did not do a dam stroke all day. I had rhumitism in my hips like the Devil.

Thursday, August 5, 1915 60 above. Cloudy & little warmer. Heman went down to Simes after grain cradle in the morning. Oats was so wet could not do any thing with them forenoon, so all hands cut brush around west meadow fence then cradled oats after noon. Heman & Roscoe cradled some. Lewis & I mowed some oats. Heman & Lewis went to the vilage Eve.

Friday, August 6, 1915 54 above. Cloudy all day, rain toward night. Rubin Wolf came down & he & I finished cradling oats in the fore noon. Heman & Roscoe went to Harry[?] Lees in the morning. got the Orgin[?] then went whortleberrying rest of the day. Clints folks came up & went berrying got bushel. I took the milk with Old Peet.

Saturday, August 7, 1915 56 above. Clear early in the morning Clouding up afterwards. Heman took Dwight load of wood in the fore noon. I went & got some Ox whips in the fore noon then all hands cut brush around the big lot. Lewis took the milk. Boys turned over oats. Dan Tobin came up & I bought a blower cutter. Lucy went to the show at Pig Tale.

Sunday, August 8, 1915 60 above. half way clear. Turned over oats got in one [?]Jag. Rubin Wolf came over. Brought over 15 lbs veal had it for dinner was very good. I shot to woodchucks. Lucy was over to Jennings all day. Had a devil of an old thunder shower in the afternoon.rained like the devil. I went down on the road worked to hours.

Monday, August 9, 1915 60 above. Clear in the morning. Boys & I mowed some by hand in the uper meadow. Heman took the washing down. Boys & I took 3 cattle up to Beebe Place & brought back 3. Lucy went to the Grange had a shower rained some Boys & I raked some hay and racked it. I went to New Milford in the afternoon.

Tuesday, August 10, 1915 50 above. Clear & nice hay day. First hay day in 10. Been dam poor weather. We cut the uper meadow water stood on top of the ground fore water in the ground then I ever say before this time of year. Turned over the oats, got in to load had a little shower I took the milk got 3 bags feed.

Wednesday, August 11, 1915 54 above. Clear & very nice hay day. Mowed up to H[ollan] Place up to 10 oclock, then got in the Load of oats & to load of hay. Rubin came in the after noon his last day. I finished mowing up to Hollan Place in the after noon. fine until seven. Clarence came over at night. Brought a piece of deer. Roscoe & Heman went to the vilage.

Thursday, August 12, 1915 56 above. Clear & very nice day. /went up Hollan placed picked Out around fences in the morning. Come back got in to load of hay in ____ meadow fore dinner. got in six after noon at H place. Got through haying got in last load half past 3 O'clock then it comenced to rain all night. Lucy Roscoe and Heman went to Jennings _______.

Friday, August 13, 1915 70 Above. Foggy in the morning wet as the Devil. Lewis & I went to the Hollan Place put some Shingles on Barn in the fire noon & got some potatoes. C. Peas came up and rightened up the ______ in fore noon. Heman went to Don Peets in the after noon to see horse. I took the milk. Roscoe went over to Jennings in after noon.

Saturday, August 14, 1915 60 above clear an nice all day. Hot as the devil all day. Heman & Charles raked up takings H Place. Lewis went over to (?)Hoag place with __ling helped git in hay. Peas come up and put a brace pole in Spring Meadow and was here to dinner. Mr. Baker was here an called from Long Island. He was an old rattle box

Sunday, August 15, 1915 58 above in the morning. Clear & very nice day. I lay abed all day with damn lame hip most all day then took the milk. Heman took the Lura & Edith Lane down to pig tale he went to Church in the morning. Mother & Roscoe went over to W Jennings Sat Evening, Jim came over He & Lucy went dow to see his Brother Roy in Gaylordsville.

Monday, August 16, 1915 60 above Clear & extra nice day. Boys went & got some Black Berrys in the fore noon. Heman got Old Peet shod on behind & his colt shod in the fore noon then drew three load of muhare in afternoon. Lewis took the milk. I went down to the village in after noon & up to Halls. Got some beef. I drove Dan in carriage.

Tuesday, August 17, 1915 56 above. Clear & had Showers up north some where. Started about noon to be cooler grew cooler all the afternoon. My dam Old Back keeps beging (?) all the time. Boys mowed the road put some wood in the wood house. I got ready an took the milk. Heman had to draw automobile out of dich down the mountain. Heman went to Flanders eve.

Wednesday, August 18, 1915 40 above Clear & very cool an nice all day. Thermometer under 70 all day. Heman & Roscoe & __ folks went a Bill Berrying to Warren but did not get any. Lewis & I sawed & turned up the old Cherry tree took it out of the way then dug up rocks at the back door the rest of the day.

Thursday, August 19, 1915 48 above. Clear & nice day. Boys drew in rye in fore noon. Kirk & Barker came up repaired silo. I had to go to village after nails & Spikes. Boys Heman & Lewis went on road for W. Jennings. I helped Kirk & Barker in silo then took the milk got set of spring for lumber wagon. Got four bags feed.

Friday, August 20, 1915 49 above. Clear & very nice day. Heman Lucy & Lewis went up to the (?)Parcel place after Bill Berries with the Simes, Darling folks. Roscoe & I worked on road in fore noon & in after noon Roscoe done up Chores and took the milk. Mother had to wate on Bus & Pond people. Lucy went up to Shoves eve.

Saturday, August 21, 1915 50 above. Clear & nice day. Heman & Lewis my Self went on road worked with oxen down on the mountain fore noon up the road in after noon. Heman took the milk. Children went down to (L?)Simes for a shindig over Evening. Old Sow got out had a time getting her Back in pen. Roscoe got ready to take Camp____ down but they stayed another day.

Sunday, August 22, 1915 52 above in the morning. had a hard shower in the morning. Jim stayed over all night. It rained like the devil in the night. Jim went home. Just at night Roscoe & Heman went down to Simes sparking in evening. I took the milk. It rained so hard Roscoe did not take his girls down to the train.

Monday, August 23, 1915 56 above. Clear & very nicer day. Boys took Old Blue to Hogg place then cut some bushes around meadow fences in the fore noon. I went to the village the up to Henry (?) Liness after some dimonite then blasted the rock by side of road below the House & drew it away. Lucy & H went to Darlings eve.

Tuesday, August 24, 1915 54 above. Clear & nice day all day. Boys drew dirt on road all day & plowed & scraped some in fore noon with the oxen. Boys used Peet & Charly. I took the milk had a bottle of Beer at Charles Peas. Lucy & Heman Roscoe went to the show. Lewis & I went together. Roscoe had the to Lane girls with him & ect.

Wednesday, August 25, 1915 60 above. Clear & cloudy some dam queer dy. Boys worked on the Lane road most all day. I put new pole in Scraper fore noon. Lucy went to New Milford in after noon. I cleaned Sand ___ Hog pen in after noon, then took milk with Dan. had 4 cans. Boys went down to Simes in eve.

Thursday, August 26, 1915 50 above. Clear & warm nice day. I went up to R. Davis after Sugar. got 25 lb. bag Cost $1.60per bag. Lewis went over to Hoag Place with Clint after some Cattle. Rest of us went on road with oxen in the fore noon then I plowed & scraped the road down to (?) meadow Bars before I took the milk. Boys leveled off road.

Friday, August 27, 1915 40 above. Cool all day. Cloudy most of the day dam wet & cold all sumer lots of farmers not through haying yet. I worked on road with both teams. I plowed & scraped with oxen all alone on diagonal [?}sraf. I took milk with Dan. Roscoe & Lewis went to Show. Heman took his girl. Jim came over and got his damsel.

Saturday, August 28, 1915 42 above. Clear & cloudy some of the time. Lewis cleaned out barn dug some potatoes then took oxen down to the foot of the hill. Roscoe Heman & myself went down to the depot after Blower took all fore noon to put it together. Got home & took the ties away from behind barn & cleaned up around there.

Sunday, August 29, 1915 50 above. Cloudy & rained hard last night. pretty near not getting up this morning. most half past seven I went around looking over the Corn pretty dam wet this year for Corn. Been dam cold & wet summer all the way through. Heman went sparking. Jim came over to see his Lulu.

Monday, August 30, 1915 52 above. Cloudy & rainy all the fore noon. rained a good deal last night. Boys & I fixed (?)our hay rigging in the fore noon then cleaned out silo afternoon. Heman & Roscoe went over to Bromica after some sand at the Collins place in the afternoon. I took the milk with Old Peet.

Sunday, August 31, 1915 50 above. Clear & nice all day. Roscoe & Heman worked on road all day with the Horses. Lewis & I mixed up cement & pached up the silo in fore noon. I took the milk. post give me $55 thank god then I give H Newton $40 of it. Got 3 bags of feed then I went to New Milford & got some wire & belt laces & ect.